OR/CA Prep – Two Weeks Til “Go!”

            Happy June 16th!
: Also known as two weeks til June 30th
: Which is also known as road trip commencement day
: Which is also known as reunion day
: Which is also known as there-will-be-tears-day (and to clarify I mean happy tears)

We’ve bought our plane tickets and reserved our hotels. Sam cleaned out her car, Eliza revamped her first aid kit, and Hannah ordered trip t-shirts (because yes, we require matching clothing on this expedition).

At this stage, the two-weeks-to-go stage, we’ve researched our destinations and found a few hidden gems to explore. We’ve also determined what we will not be able to do (R.I.P. dream of going to James Corden’s Late Late Show) and made new plans in their place (hellooooo Dunder Mifflin). We’ve amended our route approximately 1,827 or so times, trying to squeeze in as many sites as possible (sites? sights? both seem accurate here…)

for reference
sites: an area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed
sights: a thing that one sees or that can be seen

See what I mean, friends? Tricky…

Either way, we’re excited to explore these unfamiliar places and I think I (Eliza) can safely speak for both Hannah and Sam when I say that we can’t wait for June 30th to get here! We still have a few plans to set, bags to pack, food to prep, and gear to coordinate, but overall we are ready for this adventure to begin.

Fourteen days!


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