The Road Trip Checklist

Four days, friends, FOUR DAYS! Seems like a good time to get serious about those last minute details I have all too easily ignored up til now. Currently, my top trip to-do is finding a ride to the airport. Once that’s settled, I’ll be able to think about other trip tasks (i.e. washing clothes and clearing storage on my iPhone).

Though I will probably wait til Thursday (or if I’m honest, Friday morning) to pack, I’ve begun setting aside what I’ve deemed “essential items I am likely to forget”. My patriotic sunglasses, for example, are a must-have since we will be celebrating Fourth of July in San Francisco. Sunscreen and fun bandanas are also required. I’ve borrowed Catch-22 from the library so I should be set for the plane. I may also bring Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Age of Innocence just in case.

It is hard to believe that we leave in a matter of hours (96 minus a few, to be specifically vague…) This trip still feels so surreal. I don’t think it will begin to sink in until I’ve landed in Portland. There’s still so much to be done before then, which is why I’m making myself a trip checklist to stay organized. Here’s a peek:

The “well-duh”-s include: securing a ride to the airport, printing my boarding pass, washing and packing clothes, checking in with the dog sitter, etc.

The “oh-yeah”-s include: charging electronics, renewing library books, freeing up storage space on the cell, and buying gum.

*So far I have renewed my library books and purchased gum. Priorities!



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