The Road Trip Checklist

Four days, friends, FOUR DAYS! Seems like a good time to get serious about those last minute details I have all too easily ignored up til now. Currently, my top trip to-do is finding a ride to the airport. Once that’s settled, I’ll be able to think about other trip tasks (i.e. washing clothes and clearing storage on my iPhone).

Though I will probably wait til Thursday (or if I’m honest, Friday morning) to pack, I’ve begun setting aside what I’ve deemed “essential items I am likely to forget”. My patriotic sunglasses, for example, are a must-have since we will be celebrating Fourth of July in San Francisco. Sunscreen and fun bandanas are also required. I’ve borrowed Catch-22 from the library so I should be set for the plane. I may also bring Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Age of Innocence just in case.

It is hard to believe that we leave in a matter of hours (96 minus a few, to be specifically vague…) This trip still feels so surreal. I don’t think it will begin to sink in until I’ve landed in Portland. There’s still so much to be done before then, which is why I’m making myself a trip checklist to stay organized. Here’s a peek:

The “well-duh”-s include: securing a ride to the airport, printing my boarding pass, washing and packing clothes, checking in with the dog sitter, etc.

The “oh-yeah”-s include: charging electronics, renewing library books, freeing up storage space on the cell, and buying gum.

*So far I have renewed my library books and purchased gum. Priorities!



OR/CA Prep – Two Weeks Til “Go!”

            Happy June 16th!
: Also known as two weeks til June 30th
: Which is also known as road trip commencement day
: Which is also known as reunion day
: Which is also known as there-will-be-tears-day (and to clarify I mean happy tears)

We’ve bought our plane tickets and reserved our hotels. Sam cleaned out her car, Eliza revamped her first aid kit, and Hannah ordered trip t-shirts (because yes, we require matching clothing on this expedition).

At this stage, the two-weeks-to-go stage, we’ve researched our destinations and found a few hidden gems to explore. We’ve also determined what we will not be able to do (R.I.P. dream of going to James Corden’s Late Late Show) and made new plans in their place (hellooooo Dunder Mifflin). We’ve amended our route approximately 1,827 or so times, trying to squeeze in as many sites as possible (sites? sights? both seem accurate here…)

for reference
sites: an area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed
sights: a thing that one sees or that can be seen

See what I mean, friends? Tricky…

Either way, we’re excited to explore these unfamiliar places and I think I (Eliza) can safely speak for both Hannah and Sam when I say that we can’t wait for June 30th to get here! We still have a few plans to set, bags to pack, food to prep, and gear to coordinate, but overall we are ready for this adventure to begin.

Fourteen days!

OR/CA 2017

ORCA 2017: There will be food. There will be dancing. There will be cities and forests and beaches and camping. We will be driving the Pacific Coast Highway over the course of two weeks. Our to-do list is extensive and mostly consists of national parks, swimming with sharks (jokes! maybe…), and meeting Alfonso Ribeiro.

Origins of our journey: This trip has been three years in the making. We first began adventure planning in 2014. I (Eliza) don’t know what else to say because truthfully Hannah and Sam are the planners in this group; I am in charge of spontaneous decision making. My greatest contribution thus far has been practicing new braids so we can all have stellar hair. Sam’s been responsible for booking hotels (our MVP and road mom); Hannah scouted routes and made our 27-hour-long playlist.

How we chose our destinations: We knew we wanted to start in Portland, OR and drive as far south as Los Angeles, CA. But aside from that, we weren’t quite sure where we wanted to stop. We’ve narrowed the list down considerably (for the sake of securing hotels), and plan to spend our days wandering from one place to the next with no fixed expectations.

Instead, Hannah has compiled a bucket list of experiences that we hope to have along the way. Some examples include: crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, camping on the beach, seeing the Hollywood sign, and eating Voodoo donuts. How we make these dreams a reality will be determined day-of (minus beach camping – we did research that one).

Come with us: The plan is to post daily blogs detailing our trip adventures – the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Join us, friends! June 30th – July 13th.